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Role Played

TV/Film Co


Criminal William Boyd (Cabbie) Criminal productions Ariel Vromen
Suspicions of Mr Whicher 2 On showreel Toby Boyal HatTrick for ITV Chris Menual
Worlds End
On showreel
Dave (Publican 2) Nig Talk Pictures Edgar Write
Sightseers Jeff Padstow Big Talk Pictures Ben Wheatley
Business Mouse 
Voice over
Dave Business Mouse Channel 4 comedy Blaps series Mick Bunnage/John Link
Happiness Unbridled Mr Miller FFP new media Thomas Hetzel
Kill List
On showreel
The Librarian Wharp Films Ben Wheatley
Peep Show Marks driving Examiner Object Films/ Channel 4 Becky Martin
Down Terrace Dave Bearman
Crooked Councilor
Ben Wheatley Productions Ben Wheatley
Love against the rest of the world David Summer
Eccentric burglar
FFP Media Stephan Bartmann
Little Dorrit
On showreel
Miserable Horse cab driver BBC Diarmuid Lawrence
Last Chance Harvey Taxi Driver
Argumentative London Cabbie
LCH ltd Joel Hopkins
Modern Toss Dave
Series of comedy Sketches
Channel 4 TV Ben Wheatley
The Uninvited Ron
Miserable bar owner
Pseudo productions Sean Harrison
Ten Minutes Late John (lead role)
"Strange man!"
Film School
Raphael Vogel
Vital Signs     Strange shop customer
 cheese slice man
ITV Renny Rye
Worst week of my life The Angry "insulted" Dad
Hospital scene series 2
BBC Mark Bussell & Justin Sbresni
Crimewatch UK Barry
Victims Business Partner
BBC Michael Armit
Holby City Mr. Wallace
A lecherous consultant urologist
BBC Shani Grewal
The 7 Deadly Sinners Dave Greed
Comical & greedy bank robber
Godman Ltd
Channel 4
Ludwig Shamasian
Eastenders Reg Conway
The Electrical contractor
BBC Graeme Hattrick
The  Light Story JJ Thompson
The Scientist
BBC Nick Davidson
London Bridge
On showreel
Leonard Howard:
Odd and sad lonely man
Carlton Justin Hardy
On showreel
Mr. Davies:
The Auctioneer
HTV Michael Brayshaw
Pie in the Sky Charles:
The Horse race course official
Select John Mowbray

Serial Killers

John Reginald Christie
The serial Murderer
Live TV Sue Smith
The Darling Buds of May Ernie:
The Postman
Yorkshire Rob Tronson

The Bill

A corrupt barman
Carlton Michael Cocker
Jackanory Mr Floppy:
The hippy school teacher
BBC Phillip Lewis